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Happy 420 Down Under

4x Kingpin Laid Back Hemp Wrap

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4x Kingpin Laid Back Hemp Wrap – Box

The Kingpin hemp wrap are perfect for connoisseurs.
They are made from natural fibers and let you explore all the flavors of your tobacco.

Products details

  • 4 wraps per pack!
  • Made from all natural hemp, Kingpin slow burning hemp wraps each with its perfect fold and sticky lip for easy rolling.
    Kingpin flavored blunt wraps are some of the most desirable, flavorful blunts in the world. These are the newest and hottest blunts to hit the market. These blunt wraps are packaged in a reusable, flavor sealing tube that is perfect for storing or travel. It can also be used to extinguish blunts.

Packaging may vary depending on the batch (same product)