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Happy 420 Down Under

Silver Raw Tray Medium

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$20.00 AUD
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$20.00 AUD

Dimensions: 29cm X 19cm (Medium)

  • New Designs in Australia

Our Raw Medium trays package come in different prints including silver,cones and original.Your customer will be organized with our raw trays .keep all smoke accessories in one place with our fancy raw brilliant trays.

A fancy rolling tray is a great accessory to roll and smoke herbs.It’s a great tool since everyone needs a place to roll and grind up the herbs. Besides, rolling trays also help to keep the area clean and waste free.

Moreover,rolling trays are very popular in Australia and they come in different styles, sizes, shapes and designs.

Whether your customer is using a bong or joints , a rolling tray is a must !!!

In fact,Raw rolling trays are popular in the Australian market and they come in STYLE…

Moreover,not all trays are perfect for stoners, the suitable tray must have a curved edge to prevent the herbs from falling off,they come in travel size which is very popular and suitable for camping and rolling on the go.

On the other hand, Medium and large trays are mainly used at home.